Camera and Motion Control Equipment

Camera Bodies:

Sony A77II

Sony A77
Sony A77

Sony A58
Sony A58

Camera Lenses:
Sony 20mm
Sony 30mm
Sony 35mm
Sony 50mm
Sony 85mm
Sony 18-135mm
Sony 18-250mm
Sony 55-300mm
Tamron 150-600mm
Samyang 10mm Cine f3.1 Lens
Sony 11-18mm

Motorized Dollies:
4wd Low Angle Car
Low Angle Platform
Tripod Dolly
Dynamic Perception Stage R
Dynamic Perception Stage One
Pan or Tilt Head
Focus or Zoom Motor

MeFoto Globetrotter Carbon Fiber
MeFoto Road Trip with short column
Manfrotto Articulating Arm
Manfrotto 3001 Tripod

Fire Filters 49mm ND Filter
Hoya 55mm ND1000 Filter
Sony Carl Ziess 55mm ND1.8
Hoya 62mm ND1.8 Filter
B+W 77mm ND3.0 Filter
B+W 77mm ND1.8 Filter
Syrp 82mm Super Dark Variable ND Filter

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